Amelia Christie-Miller


Amelia Christie-Miller worked as a private chef before falling into the Food Sustainability space working with top London chefs. Here she learned about more than just the need to reduce meat but how we need healthier soils and more resilient food systems for a more secure future. Amelia came to realise that beans, with their millions of varieties and soil rejuvenating properties, were the answer to so many food system issues. The problem? Everyone hated them. So, in 2021 she founded Bold Bean Co, a brand "on a mission to make you obsessed with beans, by giving you the best of beans". Bold Bean Co sells expertly sourced and slowly cooked heirloom beans, presented in a beautiful glass jar. Within one year they have found themselves loved by chefs such as Joe Woodhouse, Noor Murad and the Mob Kitchen team, and on the shelves of stores like Waitrose, Selfridges and Planet Organic. To remove further barriers to bean consumption, Bold Bean Co have made sharing inspiring bean recipes a core part of what they do. Their recipes are vibrant, exciting and changing bean perceptions across the UK.

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