A Latin word connoting both timelessness and immortality. Its meanings include: the time through which a person lives or a thing lasts; time unending; and of the future.

Who We Are

Aevitas Creative is a full-service literary agency, home to more than thirty agents in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Detroit, Nashville, London, and Barcelona, representing scores of award winning authors, performers, thinkers, artists and public figures. Aevitas also provides high-level strategic communications consulting and original content development services to internationally renowned business, political, and cultural leaders, institutions, brands, and estates.

Aevitas was formed in December 2016 through the merger of Kuhn Projects and Zachary Shuster Harmsworth.

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What Drives Us

Our mission is to help cultivate and promote stories, expertise, and insights that are timely and timeless; that are innovative and necessary; that spark debate and challenge conventional wisdom; that enlighten and entertain; that inspire meaningful conversation and propose groundbreaking ideas; that test and expand on literary conventions; and that bring people together, influence the culture in positive ways, and enable voices that might otherwise be silenced to be heard.

Our Values

We take pride in the integrity, thoughtfulness, and intellectual daring, and the unique literary, artistic, and other creative talents, of our clients and colleagues. We reject facile arguments or projects that lack compassion, grace, and a positive message. We seek out authors whose work evinces originality, vision, and moral courage.

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