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Joe Tracini is an actor, comedian, magician and writer. Born in 1988, he grew up with no friends feeling more hollow than an easter egg – which turned out to be handy, because his childhood of being alone prepared him for a lifetime of feeling it. He's the son of comedian Joe Pasquale, and was performing on stage at the end of his father's shows at five years old as a mini-Joe Pasquale. By 2012, he was snorting £2,500 worth of cocaine a week, and nearly dying of organ failure. In rehab – after a suicide attempt pushed him to find out just what was going wrong – he realized that he was the problem, and was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, a mental illness that affects nearly 1% of the population. Properly treated, he grew to – mostly – learn to live with himself, despite hating himself. He’s now eight-years clean and five-years sober, and working hard on his recovery.His videos about living with BPD have had over 40 million views, and his approach to mental health – honest, open, vulnerable and self-deprecating – has been praised widely by public and media alike.

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