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David Ambrose was educated at Oxford University where he read law. By the age of twenty-five he had established himself as a successful playwright and screenwriter. In 1977 his fake TV documentary Alternative 3, about global warming and high-level government conspiracies, became the subject of an international cult. He later moved to Hollywood, where he first worked with Gene Roddenberry on story concepts for Star Trek and went on to script many films with stars including Kirk Douglas, Orson Welles, Richard Widmark, James Mason, Pierce Brosnan and Sharon Stone. In the early nineties he began work on a series of novels widely acclaimed as 'fast-paced', 'mind-bending' and 'unputdownable' which reflected his fascination with psychology, philosophy, and some of the more far-reaching implications of theoretical physics.

His key backlist fiction has been reissued on ebook by Simon & Schuster.

His autobiography, A Fate Worse Than Hollywood was published by Zuleika / Hachette in 2019.

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