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Russell Jones is a designer, analyst, project manager, and software engineer, living in Cheshire with a ludicrous dog and a cat that would strangle him if it had opposable thumbs. In his professional life, he has been a Production Director and Senior Project Manager for global businesses, worked with internationally famous economists, chatted with Prime Ministers, met rock gods, undertaken work for Bill Gates, organised charity work alongside Oscar-winning actors, delivered projects for Nobel Prize Winners, and changed with world with WWF (pandas, not spandex). If you met him in a professional capacity, you might never guess he is, in reality, a compete wazzock.Despite having no real idea about whether to use an Oxford comma, Russell’s insistence on writing things down on Twitter as @RussInCheshire has made him absurdly popular. He publishes a regular breakdown of the government’s regular breakdowns under the hashtag TheWeekInTory, which is inflicted upon around half a million unlucky recipients per week.

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